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Learning/Greening: Ecospirituality Workshop PDF Print E-mail
On behalf of Learning and Outreach Committee and Greening Task Group, thank you for your participation in our Ecospirituality Workshop “Greening Sacred Spaces: Our Church & Our Homes”.
This Learning and Outreach and Greening event helped us consider
  • How a sense of care for the earth can be integrated with a sense of care in our worship community
  • How the usefulness and the utility of our space can be balanced with the environmental considerations
  • And overall, how we can take care of the environment here and at home because it is taking care of us
We had representation from about 7 committees and task groups from within the church!  What a great way for Greening ideas to spread out, like the ripples in a pond after a pebble is tossed in the middle!
It was a fun, interactive and engaging time with members of all ages (from about age 10 through 75!) as we identified and discussed gradual, effective changes for the church and for our homes.
Maybe we'll see others next time!  Perhaps a fall 2010 event might unfold!
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Who we are and what we do PDF Print E-mail
~ Our Vision ~
Almonte United Church is a green community that leads by example and is a voice to educate ourselves and others in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and the use of resources at church, at home, in the community and in our workplaces.  We seek to understand and live every day in a way that respects the interdependence we have on the Earth and its web of life.
~ Our Mandate ~
Aware of the importance of our stewardship of the earth, the Green Team’s mandate is to raise awareness, educate and promote action to help Almonte United and its members and friends to become better stewards of the Earth, as part of Faith in Action.
~ Who We Are ~
The Green Team is a dedicated group of people at Almonte United who are working to help Almonte United to reduce it’s carbon footprint on the Earth and so to care for God’s amazing creation. If you want to get involved, we welcome you to join Trish Larkin, Ron Williamson, Bill Treusch, Brian Morrison and John Peters.  We also welcome comments, suggestions and questions -- contact us This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
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Why should the church be green? PDF Print E-mail
Humans live within a vast community of life on earth. In the Jewish and Christian religious traditions, God is first described as the Creator who, as creation proceeded, “saw that it was good.” ...
To enter into ever-deeper relationship with God – this “Lover of Life” – entails striving to develop right relations with nature and with other human beings. But life on earth today is plagued with an unprecedented and accelerating ecological crisis. Deforestation, species extinction, climate change, ecosystem collapse, contamination of air and water, and soil erosion are just a few of the enormous ecological problems which we face in Canada and elsewhere in our world.
God’s glory is revealed in the natural world, yet we humans are presently
 destroying creation. In this light, the ecological crisis is also a profoundly religious crisis. In destroying creation we are limiting our ability to know and love God. “The ecological crisis is a moral issue” and “the responsibility of everyone,”
this quote from a pastoral letter on faith and environment by the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops
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Our Green Programs PDF Print E-mail


Used batteries
Don't know what to do with your used batteries? Bring them to AUC and place them in the “Battery Bin” in the foyer beside the office. We will take care of safely disposing of such hazardous waste. Be part of the green solution!
Egg Cartons & Plastic bags
Wonder what to do with plastic egg cartons and plastic bags and blue milk bags that can’t go in the blue box?  Bring them to AUC and leave them in the “Egg Carton/Bag Bin” in the foyer beside the office.  The egg cartons and plastic bags will be used by art classes and the milk bags are made into safe ground sheet sleeping mats for Africa.
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What AUC is already doing well! PDF Print E-mail


Environmental Initiatives Completed or Underway:
• changed Sanctuary lights to CFL bulbs
• turned off parlour hot water heater unless needed
• programmable thermostat in sanctuary and set back other thermostats manually when less heat needed
• changing fluorescent lighting ballasts to low energy as replacement needed – AUC has about 90 fluorescent lights.
• counter on photocopier monitors paper use
• regular use of kitchen dishes rather than disposable plates, cups, cutlery
• unwanted/unneeded church items made available at the bazaar
• congregational requests for needed “gently used items”
• volunteer network for repairs and special projects
• monitoring of paper supplies through the office
• two blue recycling boxes
• Sinks mostly have aerators
• newsletter sent by e-mail where possible - fewer printed copies
• Justice related activity – the use of Fair Trade Coffee


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