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 In order that you might have a joyous and meaningful wedding, the following information is provided.


Who Can Be Married:
 Our policy reflects our hope and belief that we are an inclusive congregation. Therefore, through the Congregational Life and Care Committee, we consider all requests from people who have a connection to Almonte United Church (AUC), or who live in the region.
Who May Perform Marriages:
Normally the minister of AUC performs the marriages at AUC. If, however, an alternate minister or faith leader with a valid licence to marry is requested by a couple, the minister of AUC and the Congregational Life and Care Committee will consider the request. It may be deemed appropriate for the minister of AUC to welcome the guests to AUC and invite the visiting clergy to continue with the service.
It is the responsibility of the couple to obtain a Marriage License at any municipal office. The license should be brought to the church office at least two weeks before the ceremony. In lieu of a purchased license, the couple can have their Banns read, if they meet the provincial requirements.
Recognizing that marriage is a shared “spiritual journey” that needs a supportive community, couples are encouraged to make a connection with the church by attending Sunday worship as frequently as possible.
It is strongly recommended that there be a rehearsal. Arrangements can be made with the Minister for a mutually convenient time and when the church is available.
The church does not supply decorations. Flowers, drip-less candles and pew ribbons may be placed in the church. The alter furniture can be re-arranged or removed for the wedding service. The details are to be discussed with the minister or member of the Property Committee. Those being married are responsible to move the furniture prior to the wedding and return items following the wedding service.
No confetti or similar material is allowed in or on church property.
It is highly recommended that only candid photographs are taken during the service and that the videographer remains largely stationary throughout the service. However, the couple, with the assistance of the minister, will decide what will be permitted and how those gathered will be informed of the decision. It is helpful if your photographer speaks with the minister prior to the service.
All weddings conducted at Almonte United Church (AUC) will cost the couple a total of $900.
The fee covers the following:
Minister --- $200
Organist --- $150 (if required)*
Custodian -- $ 50
Facility / Administration -- $500
Arrangements will be made for the services of our church organist. *However, since the AUC organist has first right of refusal, should the client wish to make other arrangements such as guest soloists, instrumentalists, or musicians, as well as using pre-recorded music, the AUC organist fee of $150 is still applicable, as per United Church of Canada policy.
A deposit of $200 is required at the time of booking. The remainder is required to be brought to the church office before the day of the rehearsal.





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