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On behalf of Learning and Outreach Committee and Greening Task Group, thank you for your participation in our Ecospirituality Workshop “Greening Sacred Spaces: Our Church & Our Homes”.
This Learning and Outreach and Greening event helped us consider
  • How a sense of care for the earth can be integrated with a sense of care in our worship community
  • How the usefulness and the utility of our space can be balanced with the environmental considerations
  • And overall, how we can take care of the environment here and at home because it is taking care of us
We had representation from about 7 committees and task groups from within the church!  What a great way for Greening ideas to spread out, like the ripples in a pond after a pebble is tossed in the middle!
It was a fun, interactive and engaging time with members of all ages (from about age 10 through 75!) as we identified and discussed gradual, effective changes for the church and for our homes.
Maybe we'll see others next time!  Perhaps a fall 2010 event might unfold!
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