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Humans live within a vast community of life on earth. In the Jewish and Christian religious traditions, God is first described as the Creator who, as creation proceeded, “saw that it was good.” ...
To enter into ever-deeper relationship with God – this “Lover of Life” – entails striving to develop right relations with nature and with other human beings. But life on earth today is plagued with an unprecedented and accelerating ecological crisis. Deforestation, species extinction, climate change, ecosystem collapse, contamination of air and water, and soil erosion are just a few of the enormous ecological problems which we face in Canada and elsewhere in our world.
God’s glory is revealed in the natural world, yet we humans are presently
 destroying creation. In this light, the ecological crisis is also a profoundly religious crisis. In destroying creation we are limiting our ability to know and love God. “The ecological crisis is a moral issue” and “the responsibility of everyone,”
this quote from a pastoral letter on faith and environment by the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops
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