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Environmental Initiatives Completed or Underway:
• changed Sanctuary lights to CFL bulbs
• turned off parlour hot water heater unless needed
• programmable thermostat in sanctuary and set back other thermostats manually when less heat needed
• changing fluorescent lighting ballasts to low energy as replacement needed – AUC has about 90 fluorescent lights.
• counter on photocopier monitors paper use
• regular use of kitchen dishes rather than disposable plates, cups, cutlery
• unwanted/unneeded church items made available at the bazaar
• congregational requests for needed “gently used items”
• volunteer network for repairs and special projects
• monitoring of paper supplies through the office
• two blue recycling boxes
• Sinks mostly have aerators
• newsletter sent by e-mail where possible - fewer printed copies
• Justice related activity – the use of Fair Trade Coffee


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