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Education and Outreach
• Celebration – Green Team launch
• Double side photocopying – all user training session
• Saturday Event – Practical Eco-Spiritual Workshop
• Review of resource materials available in Bert Brydges Library
• Quarterly Community movie night – consider advertising to broader audience
Waste Management
• promote actions to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
• place recycle bins beside all garbage cans in useful places, especially in parlour and at front of church
• create signage that indicates what is recyclable and mount beside all bins
• policy - establish that church users (regular and occasional) use church dishes (i.e. a “no paper plate” as policy)
• policy - two side printing
• establish reuse tray as an option for photocopier
• policy - to buy recycled paper (where affordable)
• enhance e-mail usage
• find and use more eco-friendly cleaners (e.g. Normex cleaning products)
• install and [have volunteer(s)] properly maintain a composter in a safe area
• have scratchpad paper boxes in appropriate places using print-one-side paper that doesn’t contain confidential data
• print worship service bulletins (1 per worshipper) separate from announcement sheets (to be picked up by those interested)
• recycle “junk” (e.g. old photo copier in room beside boiler room)
• install a “used battery collection box” to aid congregation in disposing of hazardous waste
• policy - “lug-a-mug” to church events
• ascertain if paper towels in bathrooms are recyclable
Water Conservation
• install aerators where missing
• install water conserving toilets
• install rain barrels for 3Gs Task Group
• install good bike racks on patio slabs integrated with 3Gs program
• policy - enhance car pooling
• reinstall anti idling signs in parking lot and on “green” movable signs at front of church on Sundays
• provide idling reduction education program to nursery school and drama parents
• review Rental Agreement for User Groups with a view to ensuring environmental stewardship
• join Faith and the Common Good (FCG) – a network of conservation minded faith communities. See http://www.faith-commongood.net/
• purchase supplies co-operatively with other churches for better prices – opportunity through FCG


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